Admissions Stats Updates

Late last year, and again in January, we requested additional information from the USMA admissions office. This was to update the site with admissions information for classes of 2021-23, and to understand graduation outcomes for the classes of ’19 and ’20. We went to the FOIA office email address used before, and then another address posted on the USMA FOIA office page here:

We have received no acknowledgement or response of any kind. Either the email addresses are decommissioned but still publicly posted, or West Point is ignoring the legal requests for updated information.

We consider this information to be relevant and material to the public. In particular, to prospective applicants and cadets who want to know what sort of institution they’re going into, and to taxpayers who want to know how their money is being spent.

We would update the class profile information and see how it changed (if any) after the change from LTG Caslen to LTG Darryl Williams. Various news stories haven’t exactly indicated a return to a focus on war-winning, but that judgment would require objective validation.

We were pleasantly surprised at the conscientious follow-up to the first inquiry, but apparently that individual is no longer on security, so to speak. Very disappointing.

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