John T Reed Says Nice Things

We saw a while ago that John T Reed gave us a nice mention on his military articles blog.

High Praise – Thanks John!

I just learned of an important blog about my undergraduate alma mater West Point. It is called
A more complete title might be
• The Unofficial Web Site of the United States Military Academy at West Point
• The West Point Loyal Opposition
• What You Need To Know About West Point that West Point Won’t Tell You
• The Inconvenient Truth About West Point seems to be focused on holding the Academy to its basic purpose: defending the nation. 

And that’s the goal. We want the Academy to be the best it can be, at what it is supposed to be doing.

If you haven’t read his site, we recommend it for the ‘non-mainstream’ take on the Army culture and military matters. John is a clear thinker and excellent writer and gives a point of view you won’t find other places.

His military blogs are here and older .net blog is here. His site is bookmarked in our resources to the right.

In particular, we often recommend his article “Should you go to, or stay at, West Point?” for anyone considering attending.

Upcoming Events

We’ve been quite busy lately but look to return to more regular posts. We hear that there is upcoming legal news and have some interesting analytics in research. In the meantime, we look forward to seeing what social media and regular news highlight as West Point’s priorities:

Do you wonder why they picked 1st reg for this highlight?

While the rest of the world is wondering whether WWIII is about to break out.

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